Category: Sensory Smart Activities

The Dizzy Disc

Children love to run around and play. They also love to go around in a circle and make themselves dizzy. On swing-sets, they will go round and round in circles until the swing is all twisted up and let go. They will spin and...

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Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween is almost here. Your little ones have gotten their costumes and are ready to trick or treat. Pretty soon you will be carving your pumpkins with your little ones. What do you do with all those pumpkin seeds? Well, you...

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Pumpkin Carving

With Halloween around the corner, many of you will be picking up pumpkins for you and your children to carve. Although this is a fun-filled activity for you and your child, there are safety measures that need to be in place...

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Puzzles are creative activities that let children use their minds. John Spilsbury made the first jigsaw puzzle in 1760. Spilsbury was a British engraver and mapmaker. He mounted a map on a sheet of wood. Spilsbury then sawed...

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