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Classroom Management

New Classroom Rugs for Summer 2024

Creating an inviting classroom environment is not only great for students, but it also brings a smile to the face of a teacher. Walking into a classroom that makes you feel happy helps start the day off on a positive note. […]

Area Rugs

Tranquil Mountains Carpet

From sunrise to sunset the tranquility of the mountains make for a beautiful imaginary landscape. The Tranquil Mountains Carpet is Ideal for nurseries, playrooms, and kids’ play spaces.  […]

Classroom Management

What is Flexible Seating?

Many teachers are moving away from traditional classroom environments and moving toward flexible-seating classroom management to help keep their students more engaged. Schools can provide budgets for this new classroom furniture, or teachers can use […]

Child Development

Supporting Arts-Based Research in Education

Arts-based research in education is described as the methodical practice of the artistic or creative process. It is the creating of artistic communications utilizing a variety of styles of the arts. This research is being experimented […]