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Sensory Strategies

Special Need Children and Spinning

The specific motivations behind spinning behaviors can vary from individual to individual. Understanding the underlying reasons for these behaviors can help caregivers and therapists develop appropriate strategies to support children with special needs. It’s important to remember that these reasons are not exhaustive. […]

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Sensory Strategies

How Applied Behavioral Analysis Can Help Children with Receptive Language Disorder 

Being the parent of a child with a language disorder can be challenging. Communicating with kids is never easy in the best of circumstances. Throw in a language processing disorder, and the stakes become high. It’s not just a question of whether or not the child listens at home. Receptive language disorder can have a significant impact on the child’s ability to learn at school.   […]

Activities for Kids

How Threading Beads Benefits Both Children and Seniors

Threading beads is a popular activity for people of all ages. From children and teenagers to adults and seniors, beading is a fun way to be creative and pass the time. Starting beading is easy. All you need are some thread and beads, such as semi-precious gemstone beads, and you will soon be on your way to creating some beautiful jewelry or other artistic pieces. […]

Sensory Strategies

Eight Crafts to Fine Tune Motor Skills

Developing motor skills is essential for all age groups. This includes both gross motor skills that involve using larger muscle groups for balance and movement, and fine motor skills that use smaller muscles for more […]