Toys that Help Toddlers Learn

Toddlers are tough to buy toys for. They are independent little people and don’t want toys that look “baby-ish” however toddlers are curious and somewhat still prone to put things in their mouths so you have to be careful and gift them with age appropriate gifts. Toys with small parts can still be dangerous.

Movement Toys
Toys that require physical movement are usually loved by toddlers. They have this great body that as gone from a sedentary baby to a crawler to kid that can run and play. A kid-powered trike or pedal car will get hours of play from your energetic toddler.

Pretend Play Toys Start expanding your child’s mind now. Many children start showing a love of pretend play early on and it’s a great way to incorporate a lot of skills that can be learned through simple play. Toddler-safe doll houses with no small parts and larger pieces will give hours of creative play, puppets and play kitchens are all great gifts that will expand little imaginations.

Grasping and Building
By now, your toddler has probably gotten a good grasp on grasping and most toddlers really enjoy building and stacking objects. Many building blocks and wooden log building toys have too many small pieces to be considered safe and and difficult for many toddlers to play with. However building toys like Magneatos are great for toddlers. They are easy to handle and will develop your child’s fine motor skills.

Those are just a few ideas that your toddler will love, get him toys that will power his mind and motor skills and you’ll be giving him a lot more than just a holiday gift.

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