If you have a special needs child, no one has to tell you about the frustration in finding not only age appropriate toys for your child but also toys that stimulate and the child can enjoy. Special needs children love to play and learn as much as any other child, they just need to do it a little bit differently.
One thing many special needs children have in common is that they lack finger dexterity and a Basic Skill Discovery Pentagon is perfect for helping child learn the basic finger skills for dressing themselves. Lacing, zippers, buttons and more are covered around this pentagon and each side of the pentagon brings a new skill to master. One way to entertain a group of children is to play music and let them try to zip, button and lace as much as they can and stop the music and everyone has to move around the pentagon. Begin the music again and everyone does whatever is before them and continues what the other person started. The person to finish completing a side first is the winner.