Traffic Signs Teach Safety Through Play

One of the best ways for children to learn is through play. Most children learn through repetition and one of the easiest ways for them to retain knowledge is through playing the same games over and over with their friends.
One such game that will not only help your children be safer, it will encourage group play and cooperation as well; is the Kids Traffic Signs. This fun set comes with six different signs that are large enough to be used with their bikes, trikes or other modes of backyard transportation.
The signs included are a stop sign, speed limit sign, railroad crossing, yield, school crossing, and a one way sign. Help your children set these signs up in the backyard and talk to them about what is expect at each sign.
Let your kids “drive” around the backyard and practice stopping at the stop sign, you can walk up and pretend to be a driver with them and teach them how people take turns at stop signs to show you use the skills for taking turns all your life and not just elementary school.
The signs come on thirty-inch poles and are on a sturdy, non-tipping base to keep the signs from falling over and causing frustrations in younger children. The signs are weatherproof and made from sturdy plastic and are ideal toys for outdoor play.
Teach your kids to be safe and aware of the meanings of the signs they will see the most. Best of all, lessons learned through play are learned easier and rarely forgotten.
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