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This holiday season has caused an abundance of new STEM toys to be on the market that specifically target girls. While there have been dolls in the past that highlight female scientists, the new STEM toys are tech toys that are meant to help nurture girls’ development in STEM.

Do girls require different STEM toys then boys?

Girls seem to respond better to building with intention.  One example of this is the ieBlox.  This is a construction toy that came out a couple years ago that has a bit of a girly feel to it.  It is colorful and comes with a storybook.  The story is about a girl who goes exploring with her friends and they solve problems by constructing uncomplicated machines such as parade floats, amusement rides and more.  Girls seem to get more engrossed with building if there’s a purpose.

Women being scarce in the computer and tech industry has been a trending topic. STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) are typically the highest paying jobs, and it’s expected to increase in the next 10 years.  This upsurge has created progress in trying to get the attention of young girls.  There are even coding camps.  It began in 2014 and the market for STEM toys for girls has been increasing over the years.

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Stem Toys Made For Girls Are The Hot New Trend


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