Using Visual Math Creates Meaning

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Using visual math actually creates meaning.  Vickie Davis’ writes in “Making Math Meaningful with Virtual Math Manipulatives” that it is meant to lead teachers to new and exciting techniques that use visualization to explain the relationship and application of mathematics.

Do you know about virtual math manipulatives and how it helps students learn?

Students are allowed to explore and develop mathematical concepts visually by utilizing these virtual manipulatives. Creating games, much like the ones children currently play at home on their Xboxes, makes learning math concepts fun and no longer a chore.

By utilizing virtual math manipulatives teachers are finding it much easier to engage students in the learning process and hold their attention far longer than traditional memorization flash cards and games formerly used. Student’s are learning at a pace that is quicker than in the past while playing games much similar to the ones on the market to day that are utilized for pleasure.

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Making Math Meaningful with Virtual Math Manipulatives