Wall Decals are the easy way to decorate rooms without the mess of painting. We all get bored with rooms after a while and like to change things up. This is especially true if you have a little one that is ready to go from teddies and ballons to dora and bugs bunny to Spiderman and Superman. Whether its bedrooms, playrooms, bathrooms or family rooms; peel & stick decals are the easy way to transform rooms in mintues. We feature a wide selection of designs that are fun and installation is a breeze. These wall graphic vinyl peel and sticks are durable, washable, and easy to move. You can put up and take them down without losing their ability to stick. Plus your walls stay clean and you won’t find sticky residue on the surface. 
Movies, TV & Comic Characters Include:  Batman, Yogi Bear, Star Wars, Star Trek
Home Decor: Transform your home with gorgeous designs from country to urban chic and wall mirrors.
Kids Rooms and Nurseries:, including popular designs like animals, jungle, flowers, cars, trucks, and fire engines
Peel and Stick Helpful Hints:
  • Clean wall and make sure it is dry. For newly painted walls let paint “cure” for 10 to 15 days prior to applying decals. Even if new paint feels dry, it may still need to settle and completely cure.
  • Not recommended on “Orange Peel” textured walls, over cinder blocks, very textured and porous surfaces, wallpaper or delicate surfaces.
  • OK to apply onto tiles as long as the surface is clean and completely dry during installation. Make sure the design element does not overlap grout area as water could filter under and compromise the adhesive.
  • Apply onto shower walls, as long as they are placed tightly onto the surface so water cannot reach under the design element. Once applied, RoomMates will not move even if sprayed by shower.
  • DO NOT Place RoomMates decorated items in dishwater, microwave, rugs, fabrics and any other textiles. Textile fibers may stick to the adhesive and ruin the product.
  • Do not place at the bottom or inside the tub. Water could filter beneath the design element too easily and would compromise the adhesive.
Removing air bubbles
When applying, make sure you start from one side (for the border) or the top (for the appliques) of each element. Keep the rest of the element away from the wall/surface. Slowly go down over the design with your hand and smooth the element onto surface (and press the bubbles out as you go). Once applied you should be able to move any remaining bubbles out by pressing/smoothing them out of the element. If the problem persists (this would only happen with the giant decals), you can punch a tiny (invisible to the eye) hole with a pin to push the air out.
NOTE: In all applications, it is always best to test wall decals in an inconspicuous area. If the surface is textured, performance could be seriously diminished. Make sure surface is clean of dust and dirt or you may compromise the adhesive and ruin the product.