Wall Toys Make Saving Space Easy and Keep Kids Busy

HABA Sensory Learning Wall - 3 Piece Set
HABA Sensory Learning Wall - 3 Piece Set

Having waiting room toys for your customers with children keeps little ones busy and happy while they wait for the doctor or while their parents are busy with sales people. Unfortunately, not every waiting room is very large, and if yours is not, you may feel at a disadvantage when comparing your options with those of a larger area. However, you should know that you can definitely still entertain the kids that have to wait in your office waiting room without making the area cluttered and stifling. The answer to your space problem is buying activity wall toys, which is much cheaper than remodeling your entire waiting space.
Colorful Squares Wall Activity Panel - HABA 023145
You have just as many options when it comes to wall toys as do other business owners who opt for the traditional toys. In fact, just like any other waiting room toy, many wall toys include several activities to keep kids of any age busy. They may include play telephones, plastic clocks, and myriad mazes.
Gear Wheel Rubber Balls Wall Panel for Kids - HABA 120393
Some are reminiscent of the colorful toy commonly seen in waiting areas that includes several colored wires with small shapes to push from end to the other. The main difference is that the one meant for the wall is flat, but still includes similar appealing shapes to push along a particular pattern that is carved into the wood. There are a few variations of this toy, such as plastic panels with colorful mazes built in. Nonetheless, they are all meant to do the same task, which is to entertain the children of your customers to keep everyone happy.
MyPlate Acrylic Wall Mirror
Mirrors might not sound very amusing, but most children are highly entertained by them, especially if they do not merely show the child’s actual reflection. In fact, some wall toys feature mirrors that may remind you of a funhouse, allowing you to bring a little piece of a carnival to your small office waiting area. Such mirrors are often made of durable wood or plastic, and glass that is unbreakable and easily maintained.
Eco Drive Children's Wall Toy
In fact, most wall toys are able to stand up to heavy use as much as any other waiting room toys. The benefit, aside from saving some space, is that most cannot be removed easily from the area, nor do they usually come with pieces that can be lost. Remember that several young children will likely visit everyday with their parents, and some might be exceptionally good at taking apart toys to see how they work, and then losing the pieces. Thus, waiting room toys that are mounted on the wall are often among the safest available, and can also typically be cleaned easily with disinfectant.

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