Redecorating your professional office, child’s bedroom and playroom can be an experience full of laughs and joy. Incorporating your child into the redecorating process is where all the fun comes into play. Let children express their creative ideas in the redecorating process. Unique and educational wall toys are a great way to add life into the room where children will be playing.

Wall Toys

Our wall toys are a great way to add a fun, educational experience to your children’s room. These wall toys will pull the children away from the video games and into an exciting wonderland. If you have a dental office, our Smile Power Wall Toy is perfect for you. This heat sensitive toy allows painting without the mess. This wall toy would also be an excellent addition to your kids bedroom.

Our Numbers 1-15 Wall Toy is a fun and educational product that is perfect for any office or playroom. This bright and colorful toy allows children to play a unique puzzle game. Counting, logic, and analytical skills are challenged through fun play with this wall toy. We hope you enjoy your redecorating experience. Be sure to look at Sensoryedge to view all of our wall toys.