If your child is like many other children of his or her age, he or she is probably amazed by the beautiful sound of music. When you have a child who has a love for nice melodies and the sounds of different instruments, you may want to explore their creative side with a children’s size piano. This is a wonderful way to get them involved in music as well as learning a great skill that they can share with others and be very proud of.
When getting such a child size piano for your own son or daughter, you will want to look around to find just the right one to fit their comfort zone and their needs. The thing that is so fabulous about these smaller pianos is that they are quite a bit easier to learn on. Also, they are nowhere near as large as other pianos for adults, so there is much less chance of your child feeling intimidated when they sit down to try to learn to play.
A great way to get started is with My First Piano, which is made by the Shoenhut Piano Company specifically for little learning fingers. This toddler friendly piano is a great way for a young child to begin to explore their musical side, with 18 keys and fun, bright red color.
When your child seems to need something on a bit grander scale, you can always step up to the 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano. This beautiful piano encourages learning with a color strip to help memorize the keys for certain songs.