Ways Your Family Can Volunteer




Volunteering as a family has many benefits. You teach your children by your own example how important it is to help others less fortunate than you and your family. Volunteering opens your children’s eyes to those who are less fortunate than them and can help them appreciate their own life more. Volunteering together will also strengthen your family. 
Raise Money for UNICEF
Whether you collect change during trick or treat and turn that money over to UNICEF, or hold a bake sale to raise money so that UNICEF can provide others with clean drinking water, raising money for UNICEF will be a rewarding experience for your family. UNICEF’s dedication to children and families makes it a great choice for your family’s efforts. 

Work With Your Local Animal Shelter

If your children have an affinity for animals, they may enjoy donating their time to a local animal shelter. Contact the shelter first to see what they need. Depending on the age of your child, your family may be able to help exercise dogs, clean pens, or play with kittens. The shelter may also ask for donations of old blankets, kitty litter or dog and cat food. 

Talk to Churches or Schools

Your local churches and schools probably know the needs in your community better than anyone. They may have specific needs, such as warm winter clothes, which you can provide by spending an afternoon cleaning closets with your children. They may also know of people who could use some physical help, for example, an older family may appreciate having someone show up on a snowy day to shovel their sidewalk, or after a storm to pick up yard debris. 

Thank Service Members

Your community may have a local group that sends packages out to deployed military personnel. This group may appreciate donations of items, which you and your child can pick up on your regular trips to the grocery store, or your time, when it comes time to pack the boxes. They may also like letters and cards, made by your children, thanking military members for their service. 
Regardless of how you choose to volunteer with your family, you can be sure that your children will always remember the time and effort they put in to serving others. Don’t worry that they are too young, you are too busy or the results will not be worthwhile. Teaching your children from a young age that volunteering is worthwhile is a wonderful gift for the future.
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