What is Controlled Failure?
photo credit: www.eductopia.org

Controlled failure is a school of thought that allows students the freedom to take risks in their academics. Whether it be taking an AP course, college course or trying out for a prestigious club or award, controlled failure creates an environment where even if a student fails, they can learn from that failure and become successful in the future.

How can you help students see the opportunity for growth within their failures?

Controlled failure represents a range of achievement. There is actually a chance for progress in every failure that we experience.  The key to controlled failure is allowing students to reflect upon what they could have done better, create new strategies and find success the next go around.

Teach your students how to come back from losing.  So many of our students are dealing with important issues in their daily lives, and they can’t just avoid their problems or give up. The point of controlled failure is that teachers are in control of guiding students about how they can come back from loss before they are in the real world and have to confront greater challenges.

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