When You Should tell Kids the Truth about Santa

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When You Should you tell Kids the Truth about Santa
photo credit: www.mirror.co.uk

Even if you haven’t actively nurtured your children’s acceptance of the legend of Santa Claus, odds are good, thanks to the plethora of Christmas TV specials and holiday marketing, that they believe in Santa.  And while the fantasy is fun for everyone, eventually you have to think about when you should tell kids the truth about Santa.

How do you recognize when it’s time to let your kids in on the big mystery of Santa?

There’s actually no one exact time to tell kids that there’s no Santa Claus.  The important thing is to take your signals from your children, and try not to extend the fantasy for your own delight when they may be prepared to give it up.  You need to look for indications that they’re ready to give up the myth of Santa, but pay attention because they will also let you know if they’re not ready.  If they don’t want to hear the truth, they just won’t accept it.  That is your sign to not push and wreck their holiday dreams.

So what happens when a child’s sense of reason, or maybe a friend, exposes some discrepancies in the Santa Claus tale?  Most importantly, specialists agree that the main concern is not so much as to when is the exact right time to break the news, but rather how to transform the belief in Santa into other demonstrations of the spirit of the holiday.  You can explain how the customs practiced with Santa are simply a way of communicating the happiness and love found in the act of giving.

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