Who is Responsible for Autism?

photo credit: www.blog.childrensdayton.org

Many parents may wonder if they are responsible for their child’s disability, and years ago it was very common to blame parents for their children’s difficulties.  There are some who actually question who is responsible for Autism.  That mode of thinking or approach is as prevalent and wrong today as it was years ago.

Do you think you’re doing something wrong that is contributing to your child’s disability?

It makes no sense at all that parents are by any means the cause of autism, psychosis, or some other severe mental problem. The publication of “Not in Your Genes” by noted British psychologist Oliver James has restarted this conversation.  Dr. James believes that the role of genetics as a reason for mental disorders is an exaggeration.

James argues that when things go wrong, the fault is with the environment, and therefore blame lies with the primary parents. Relationships and interactions between parents and kids, specifically in the first three years of life, determine a child’s outcome.  He’s not saying that parents are intentionally neglectful. They simply act in ways, that are either due to ignorance or unconscious factors that give problems for their kids.

While there is no denying that parents are critical in their children’s lives, it’s a big mistake to conclude that parents or the environment are to blame . Early experiences matter a great deal but they don’t determine who is responsible for Autism. Great parents can have kids with mental issues. This book is quite concerning because parents may end up being hesitant to get help for their kids because they are afraid of being judged as if it’s all their fault.  However, parents don’t cause Autism, but they sure can make a difference.

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