Why Every Parent’s Home Needs to Have STEM Toys

The rapid evolution of technology makes it more difficult than ever to figure out what skills parents need to help cultivate in their children in order to prepare them for future success. Choosing the right toys can help give your children an early love of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM) fields that will be crucial to the economy of the future. STEM toys — including open-ended ones like Legos — can help teach your kids the kinds of problem-solving skills and creativity that they’ll need for the jobs of the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • For parents to prepare their children for the future has become more stressful because the world is changing fast and they are feeling the impact.
  • Many parents struggle to predict which skills they need to teach their children given the advances in robotics and artificial intelligence.
  • For children, the world is also changing fast because they are faced with an equally unpredictable challenge of choosing the right courses to take and what to study.

“A child in ancient times may have played with an abacus, mimicking his father while learning how to count. Even playing with rocks and stones helped build a foundation in special reasoning, even among kids who were still too young for a formal course in geometry.”

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