From a young age, compassion is something that should be stressed. All life on this planet is important and students should be taught that. There is no set formula for teaching kids on how to be compassionate for this planet but it is something that needs to try and be instilled from a young age. Animals need love just like humans. If students learn to value and be kind to animals, chances are they will do the same to humans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Animals are wonderful creatures that are a big part of life that is present on earth.
  • Teaching students compassion from a young age is something that is really important.
  • From generation to generation, teaching our kids how to appreciate life on this planet is very important.

“As educators, we’re always looking for new ways to motivate our students and invigorate our teaching. In my class of English-language learners, students often, justifiably, are fearful being in a new country and having to make new friends.”

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