Why You Should Feed Your Family Starchy Vegetables

Starchy vegetables aren’t that popular among nutritionists who refer to starchy vegetables as any vegetable that contains more calories and carbohydrates than they do vitamins. But, there are actually a lot of starchy vegetables that contain quite a few vitamins and minerals, so don’t think that serving these vegetables is a bad thing. There is a class of vegetables that aren’t starchy and are great for dieting, but peas are an example of a starchy vegetable and they contain more vitamin A than you need in an entire day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vegetables are considered starchy when they contain more carbohydrates and calories compared to other vegetables.
  • Non starchy vegetables give you vitamins and minerals whereas starchy vegetables give you those and help you feel full.
  • Adding more vegetables to your diet will improve your overall health and can prevent diabetes.

“First of all, starchy vegetables are still rich in vitamins and minerals (even if they might not shine as brightly as kale).”

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