Young Artists and Life-Long Success Go Together

Encouraging Young Artists
Young Artists and Life-Long Success Go Together
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Young artists learn important life skills from the arts.  A father was talking to his daughter and asked her, What do you do, child?” She simply replied, “I do art and I play — that’s what children do.”

In this article we have young artists who were examined for traits that drove their development despite challenging backgrounds or other previously weighted factors like class, race, and physical capability.

The arts provide greater opportunities for low-income learners, therefore increasing the likelihood of success in school.  Students involved in the arts in general have better grades and are more likely to graduate from high school.

Young artists learn so many life skills from the arts.  Kids develop self-discipline because they see that practice makes perfect.  In addition, when kids feel successful in art activities, they can envision success in other subjects as well.  Creating art increases learning and develops cooperation as well as how to appreciate the talents of many different people.

What is the most important quality that makes kids successful in life?

Most importantly, creating art leads to curiosity, which helps develop lifelong learners.  Curiosity is really the driver for learning and helping kids connect their interests to the world in a significant way.

Qualities are addressed that make up a developing young artist.  Among these necessary characteristics of an emerging young artist are a certain inquisitiveness for knowledge, a self-reliance and an eagerness to take chances over and over even if there is failure.  This perseverance is a vital quality in any artist.

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