Your School is an Ecosystem

A School is an Ecosystem
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Your School is an Ecosystem
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The plants and animals that are found in a particular area interacting with each other are called an ecosystem.  If we believe that a school is an ecosystem, then we are aware of how we must care about every feature of the school.

Classroom management is built upon a balance of all of the individuals within your school ecosystem.  Any interruption or interference with this can be catastrophic to everyone within the ecosystem.

Schools cannot be improved without caring for them like ecosystems. Schools cannot create ability, let alone excellence, without paying attention to the atmosphere of the school and the character of everyone in the school.

Do you think of your school as an ecosystem? Maybe you should.

If we consider a school to be an ecosystem, it has huge implications in regards to how we arrange schools and manage ourselves within them.  Hilary Clinton famously remarked that “it takes a village to raise a child,” but there are also plenty of lessons to be found by looking outside the “village” to our animal neighbors.

Much like rain forests, our schools are a complex ecosystem, and all parts must work together to thrive.  Schools cannot make things more proficient, let alone excellent, without attending to the environment of the school and the social-emotional ability and integrity of everyone in the school.  If we trust that a school is an ecosystem, it has incredible influence on how we manage schools, as well as how we behave.

Inspired by his time in Costa Rica, Professor Maurice Elias draws parallels between the diverse personalities found in our schools and those found in nature.  For example, in nature, each has its strengths and challenges, and in order to function optimally, all must find a way to work together and co-exist.  This is the same for kids at school.

For a more in-depth understanding of schools as an ecosystem, please see the full article at: What Kind of Ecosystem Is Your School?

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