Design the Ideal Classroom

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I bet if someone asked you to make a list of things for your ideal classroom (with unlimited money accessible), you probably already have things in mind you’ve been dying to get for your students.

What would you do if you had no financial restrictions and you could build the ideal classroom?

A great recommendation for students is to use unconventional seating to change things around.  Most teachers notice how many students struggle to sit still for a long time.  Offering kids a variety of options for where to sit in class is going to help them be more attentive.  Balance balls, wobble stools, and classroom rugs will improve your classroom management.  This lets kids move around while staying focused on their lessons.

Other teachers said they wished for bigger items such as Smart TVs, 3D printers,  and laptops.  Most teachers joked that they’d want an unlimited budget.  It seems there is never enough money for everything you’d need for the ideal classroom. And how about a class set of tablets instead of just one or a few iPads? That way, teachers can take learning up a notch. Students may be asked to work with new, fun and educational apps, or or even asked to create a movie.

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