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Tips to Teach Essay Writing to Your Children 

As a parent, you want to give your children every opportunity to succeed in school and life. One of the most important skills they will need is the ability to write well. Essays are a crucial part of education from elementary school through college. […]

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Lesson Plan Ideas for Grades 1,2 and 3

A lesson plan for young children, typically in preschool or kindergarten, focuses on simple, engaging activities that cater to their developmental level and interests.

Here are three lesson plans for grades 1, 2, and 3. Each plan includes objectives, materials, activities, and assessments. […]

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Kids & Technology

Fun Ways to Teach Kids the Value of Money

Understanding the value of money and learning how to use funds properly are crucial life skills. From setting financial goals to budgeting and saving, teaching your kids about money is an important component of their education – and one that plays a vital role in helping them build a financially healthy life.  […]

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The Libraries Transform Campaign

The Libraries Transform Campaign, an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA), is designed to increase public awareness of the value, impact and services provided by libraries and library professionals. The campaign will ensure there […]

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The Arts and Education Go Together

The importance of learning art in school is as important as learning other subjects in school.  The arts and education go together, especially since studying and participating in the arts not only helps a child’s […]

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Make Homework Helpful

Homework! Who wants to do homework?! There is a strategy when giving out homework assignments that can help your students learn and retain more information. There are many things you can keep in mind when assigning homework […]