Those new to the teaching profession sometimes look to Twitter for helpful tips There is even a popular hashtag on the social media website called #newteacherjourney. One piece of advice given is to develop routines from the get go. Another advises to connect with your pupils on a personal level. The third tip says to accept that you won’t have answers right away. The fourth suggestion is to find a strong mentor. Finally, new teachers should look for ways to unwind after a long day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Check your biases to make sure you are not judging a student according to race, appearance, or other factors.
  • Use a journal to chronicle the areas in which you struggle and work out ways to resolve these issues.
  • Being a new teacher can be overwhelming, so take time to relax and care for yourself.

“Once you have a vision of how your classroom should run and you have a vision of things that you do not want to see?and actions you’ll take if you see them?you want to make sure that your rule is uniform across the board.”

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