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How to Optimize Your Home for Another Semester of Virtual Teaching

COVID-19 thrust remote learning on the world, seemingly overnight. While some teachers embraced the new normal and transitioned into dynamic video lessons, most others felt ill-prepared for the sudden change. With 13 states mandating full or partial closure of schools at this time, remote learning is here to stay — for the time being. And teachers aren’t the only ones struggling. Many kids have trouble staying focused and keeping up in the new distance learning setting. More than half of the teachers surveyed recognize they’ve only covered about half of the curriculum they would have this time last year, with some students falling through the cracks. It’s more important than ever to keep students — and yourself — engaged and motivated. However, the upcoming winter semester may bring new challenges — days are shorter, the course load is accelerating, pandemic fatigue is probably making your students restless and you’ve got a curriculum to get through. Hang in there — even with the challenges, you can build on your experience so far. Some adaptation is called for on your teaching goals. And creating an organized, comfortable and efficient space from where you can be more productive and deliver engaging lessons could help greatly. Here are some ideas: Separating home from classroom Setting up a functional, distraction-free workspace for yourself sounds easier said than done, but it’s possible. Having a classroom corner you can work...

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Coding Gifts for Tweens: Ages 10, 11, 12

Coding Gifts for Tweens The holidays are a great time to give the gift of learning. Ages 10 to 12 is the perfect time to introduce young kids to Computer Science and further their interest in STEM. Apart from Hour of Code or generic coding kits, there are plenty of learning resources to explore to help your child develop critical thinking skills. These essential skills can help set your kids up for an enriching middle and high school Computer Science education. Below is an updated list of the best toys, games, gadgets, and apps for tweens, to help you...

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