5 Reasons Why Young Minds Should Learn Coding

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Kids need to be equipped with 21st-century concepts very early in life. This is important because research shows that coding is at the forefront of future careers. However, how do we learn and teach our children how to code and what is its significance? Additionally, at what age do we begin teaching our children how to code?

Here are 5 reasons why coding is essential for young minds

1) Coding is another language

Language is the foundation of life since it teaches both communication and logical thinking. Language also supports both verbal and written skills. When a language is taught early, it helps the kids understand the world around them better. Programming has its unique language. Each letter represents a formula which is 0’s and 1’s. These zeros and ones are principally added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided to give the computer the instructions to carry out.

When kids understand how to speak and write codes that enable technology to operate, it opens many doors in their lives. Therefore starting them early in programming will help in covering more ground. When they finally come of age, they will be ready to bring their valuable skills to many sectors of their respective countries’ economies.

2) Coding fosters creativity

Experiments help the children strengthen their brains. It offers them a chance to learn even when they fail. Children can be taught to be creative, a skill that should be encouraged. Creativity should form part of the process and not always the final product.

Our Millennials are creative; their minds are sharper than we can imagine. If you ask them to solve a riddle or complete a puzzle, you will be shocked at the creative solutions and ideas you receive. Therefore, if the skills are honed over the years, they can be a very useful tool in life and in their careers.

3) Coding helps children with Math skills

When kids learn how to code, through online learning platforms like YaizY, it helps them visualize abstract concepts, allowing them to apply math to everyday situations, which makes math fun and creative to learn. Programming has been incorporated in most of today’s STEM programs.

4) Coding improves writing academic performance

Programming helps kids how to organize and plan their thoughts. This can lead to improved writing skills that are sharpened while programming skills develop over time.

5) Coding helps children become confident problem solvers

Problem-solving is one of the most sought-after skills in the job market. When kids learn to code and give directions, they learn different ways of doing something even when it didn’t work. Improving upon what they have already done without worrying about failing helps them become confident when performing tasks. Programming is the building block in today’s digital age, and kids need to understand and work with the technology around them.


Having kids learn programming at a tender age gets them ready for the future ahead. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence. If these skills are introduced early in life, it will create a community of professionals who can help countries built strong economies which spring from solid technological foundations.

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