Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

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Realistic Resolutions for Teachers
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A resolution can be best used to determine if your teaching methods are working or if you need to make a change.  A resolution is simply a firm decision to do something new or not do something you’ve been doing in the past.  For teachers to make their goals achievable, they need to make realistic new year’s resolutions.

What are you New Year’s resolutions for this upcoming year?

Is it time to reassess your teaching methods?  What is your teaching style?  Your teaching style is the precise method that you and only you are using.   Is your classroom teacher-centered or student-centered? If you simply ask yourself some questions, you can figure out what your style of teaching really is.  Maybe it’s time for a change.  The new year is a great time to reassess and determine how it is working for your students.

Are you tired of the same old daily lessons that you’ve been using for years?  What about your class routine?  One resolution you can make is to try something new in your instruction style.  Things might be getting stale and you’re in need of a change to spice things up for you and your students.

Make sure you are keeping a good balance between your home life and your work life.  While it may seem no big deal to bring paperwork home, you need your down time.  So another resolution could be to set up your day for success by scheduling your day so you can accomplish everything at school.  You could try going in early or simply staying a short time after.

Resolutions can be difficult to stick to. The goal is to make them reasonable so you can accomplish them and can get the most out of your new school year.

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