Going to the playground provides fun and excitement for a child, as well as exercise. Yet, a day at the park can be dangerous if you are not aware of some of the hazards that could potentially arise. Specifically, if the playground has a black rubber mat that is meant to protect children if they fall. Recently, a 2 year old child in New York took off his shoes and ran to the playground in excitement. As soon as his feet hit the mat, he started to scream in pain. His mother ran to his aid and picked him up. As soon as she lifted the child, she noticed that his skin was hanging off of his feet. 

The black rubber mat, meant to protect children, had scorched the child’s feet with second degree burns. However, the cost to replace the mats would be $150 million. New York’s parks commissioner remarks that it wouldn’t be practical.

When you visit the playgrounds, take every necessary precaution when you go. If there are signs posted that shoes must be worn at all times, or any other warning, please pay attention to it and abide by it. The warnings are there for a reason. When those black mats become hot, it can burn your child’s skin. With that being said, do not be discouraged from taking your child to the playground. Simply be well aware of the dangers that could potentially arise. Check for such things before your child scurries off.