Using educational technology in the classroom and for learning outside the classroom has become part of the educational landscape. One of the exciting things about Edtech (computer based learning) is the ability to use different types of educational tools for different learning styles and goals. Judy Willis, MD wrote a very good article on how to match educational technology to a student based on their learning goals. As she stated, once you know your goal you can assess the technology available and choose the learning tool that is best suited to meet those goals. For example, a teacher would use a different method to teach a child with gaps in their foundational knowledge than they would a child needing to building executive functioning processes or strategic planning.

Dr. Willis goes on to say that just like teaching without computers understanding how to get the most out of the tools is about motivation. For the program you choose to be successful there are three fundamental components- you need buy-in, an achievable challenge, and ongoing feedback. 


To learn more about how to select Edtech based on learning goals and the techs ability to get kids and teachers to buy-in to the concept as well as providing assessment and a feedback look please read Dr. Ellis’ full article on the Edutopia website here: