How To Make Your Classroom Happier

A happy classroom thrives. Students are awarded the best opportunity to learn and the teacher is able to go home each day feeling rewarded and as if she made a difference in the lives of those whom she’s dedicated her life to teach. Creating a happier classroom is not difficult, regardless of the grade or age of the students that you teach. Simple strategies such as keeping the little ones entertained can make a world of difference in the day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Young children possess and innate capacity for fun and happiness, which should translate to cheerful classrooms.
  • When it does not, one could arguably suggest that stress is a factor, whether it centers more on the students are on the teacher.
  • The teacher may also be mired by a sense of failure, or a feeling of injustice, whether rooted in reality or not.

“So, what stops our classrooms from being a happier place than Dotheboys Hall? I would argue that there is nothing ground breaking about identifying the causes of cheerlessness.”

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