Math learning lends itself to digital tools like apps and websites. Progress can be tracked, complexity can be adjusted, and achievements can be awarded as motivation. Games are a common tactic to help children learn math. Zapzapmath, Sushi Monster, Middle School Math and Operation Math all take this approach. Other digital resources provide useful tools, such as Fraction Calculator Plus or Free Graphing Calculator. Finally, Math & Science Tutor and Khan Academy offer videos and lessons on a variety of subjects, including mathematics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sushi Monster and Operation Math are games that can improve children’s math skills.
  • For assistance with arithmetic and graphing, try Fraction Calculator Plus and Free Graphing Calculator.
  • Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that provides answers on many topics, including mathematics.

“Year to year, the best math resources tend to stay the same, with large platforms like the Kahn Academy being supplemented by well-designed apps like Quizlet and Math Agent.”

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