Presidents Fiscal Budget

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A strong education system is the backbone for any nation.  And with the President’s 2017 budget request, America and its teachers might be able to stand a little taller in the future.

New programs seek to empower educators to find new ways to help students succeed, especially those in high-need schools. Funding a supportive environment for teachers to prepare for the experience of interacting with a wide range of students is of the utmost priority.

While STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects will continue to be of great importance, the budget doesn’t only focus on the student’s experience.  It also encourages highly skilled people to enter into the career of educating America’s future.

The President plans to improve teacher loan forgiveness by streamlining the program and providing incentives for being employed at schools that need the most help. Furthermore, educators will find that their future will be filled with opportunities to develop as leaders and to be rewarded for successful teaching methods and commitment to bettering these underserved schools.

The President’s requested budget for 2017 is evidence that the future looks bright not only for America’s teachers but students as well.

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