Top 10 Things To Do With Kids This Summer

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Top 10 Things To Do With Kids This Summer

If you are fortunate enough to live in a family-friendly city, you probably have never had to go through the trouble of searching for things to do with your kids over the summer season. However, with the coronavirus scare, it is hard to find a place that is comfortable, filled with kids’ activities, and that is entirely COVID-19 free. There are things to do and places to explore throughout the city, but everybody is stuck at home. In that case, how do you take advantage of the beautiful weather this long summer season when your movement and options are limited? Here are the top 10 things that your kids will enjoy and still be safe.

1. Interact with nature

Do your kids love outdoor adventure? The summer and spring months have the best weather to explore the outdoors with kids. And now that going to the beach or park might not be the best outdoor adventure options right now, going to the sparsely populated areas, such as the woods, would be a workable alternative. Go watch birds, wander in the wetland, go on a geocaching pirate treasure hunt, and collect plant species. Kids also enjoy forest walks and nature plays with their parents.

2. A star party

What about a scavenger hunt in the sky? Acquire a star finder for the month and use to prepare a star party. A finder helps you to find and follow the directions of a constellation in the sky. Kids love following the directions.

3. Go to a playground

Most small towns have playgrounds almost on every block, some of which are fully equipped with little outdoor wading pools. If they are open this summer, and if they are clean and excellent condition, you can go there with the kids provided that you wear masks and stay away from the crowds. Let your child run, jump, and swing but you have to sanitize their hands and their clothes thereafter.

4. Camping “fire” in the backyard

Camping is what you make of it. You don’t have to go to a campground to have fun. Acquire some sleeping bags, a tent, and some flashlights, and then bring out blankets and pillows from your bedroom. The kids will enjoy sleeping outside with you. If you don’t have a backyard, you can pitch a tent in your living room.

5. Go for a walk

How far can you walk as a family within an hour? If you have a toddler, how far can he/she walk before getting tired? Challenge your kids to experiment on that. They will love it. Walk, make a loop while at it, or take an out-and-back route just to spice things up. If your city isn’t locked down, go for a self-guided walking tour around your neighborhood, or drive to the town you grew up in, and then take the kids on a walking tour. This is your chance to teach the kids something they haven’t learned or will never study in school.

6. Teach them how to swim

Go for a spring break in Florida and cool off from the high temperatures of summer. If you cannot make it to Florida but live near a water body, or if you have a pool at home, this would be the ideal time to teach your kids to swim. It is your chance to bond with them at a more personal level.

7. Hold a dance party

Teach your kids how to find a rhythm when dancing to a song. Share with them some fun dance moves that you learned when you were young. They will love experiencing your earlier life. This is not the best time to invite kids from the neighborhood to be a part of the party, but once the coronavirus is gone, it would be a good idea to invite them.

8. Fishing

Fishing is generally a kid-friendly and very affordable sport, especially on free fishing days. Find out when the free fishing days are in your locality and, in case you fear that the free days might be crowded, which fishing rules and licenses you should know of.

9. Teach them to cook

Cooking is an essential life skill that your young ones should possess. Download cooking tutorials or watch YouTube videos to learn recipes for different meals. If you have traveled outside the country and learned to cook a foreign meal, teach that to the kids. Remember to teach them about kitchen safety.

10. Work in the yard

The kids will love pulling out weeds, mowing the loan if they are old enough, sprinkling the flowers, among other chores in the yard. They will also learn to be responsible adults.


If you are keen enough, you will never lack something fun, and sometimes free, to do with your kiddos during this prolonged summer vacation. Be creative with your choices and even when the kids find your choices to be lame, don’t give up. This is a trial and error project.

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