Unique Rainy-Day Crafting Projects for Kids

unique rainy day projects
unique rainy day projects

Rainy days don’t have to be boring! There are plenty of fun activities that your kids can enjoy on a rainy day. Crafts and coloring are great options for younger kids, while board games or puzzles work well for older children. For outdoorsy kids, there’s always the classic game of indoor hide-and-seek or an impromptu dance party in the living room. 

Technology also provides plenty of options for entertainment such as online gaming, educational apps, and streaming movies and shows. Kids with a creative streak might appreciate activities such as making stop motion films or writing stories. And if all else fails, there’s always good old fashioned playdough sculpting! 

No matter what type of activity your child enjoys, they can find something to do on a rainy day.  With a little imagination, you’ll be able to come up with plenty of fun and engaging activities for your kids no matter what the weather brings.  

So take heart – those rainy days don’t have to be full of boredom and frustration! Let them get creative and explore all their options for an enjoyable day indoors.

Have A Board Game Competition

Board games such as Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble provide hours of entertainment as well as an opportunity to teach strategy and problem-solving skills.

They’re also great for building social skills in children by teaching how to take turns, communicate effectively with teammates, and accept defeat gracefully.

Read Books Together 

Reading together is a great way for families to bond while learning new things. It builds language development and encourages imagination in kids. Plus, it allows parents to spend quality time with their children.

Get Creative In The Kitchen 

Cooking together is a great way to introduce kids to new ingredients and recipes, as well as teach them about nutrition and food safety. Plus, it’s fun! You can even make up your own recipes or create a themed dinner such as pizza night or taco Tuesday.

Make Art Projects 

Kids love getting creative with arts and crafts! Set out some construction paper, markers, paint, glue, glitter—whatever you have on hand—and let their imaginations run wild. 

They can draw pictures of rain-related things like umbrellas or raindrops, or paint outdoor scenes from different perspectives (birds-eye view, worm’s eye view, etc.).

Have A Movie Marathon 

On rainy days, there’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch and watching movies! You can pick out some family-friendly classics or let your kids pick from their favorite movies. Make sure to prepare popcorn and other snacks for an extra-special experience.

Fun Crafting Projects For Learning And Having Fun

Indoor crafting projects are a great way to keep kids engaged and entertained while also teaching them new skills. Crafts are an excellent way to develop fine motor skills, creativity, problem solving skills, and collaboration. 

From making simple paper crafts to more intricate projects with glue and paint, there is something for everyone that they can make using items you have around the house. 

Here are some fun indoor crafting projects for kids:

Make Toys For Your Pets

When the weather outside is too wet and wild for play, why not keep your kids entertained with a fun DIY craft project that their pets can enjoy? 

Making toys for their furry friends is a great way to keep little ones busy on rainy days. With just a few simple materials like cardboard boxes and fabric scraps, they can create unique toys and treats that are sure to bring hours of entertainment for kittens and kids alike. 

Not only will this help them get creative while indoors, but it’s also an excellent way to teach children about responsibility through pet care. Plus, it’s always nice to give our four-legged family members something special!

Create Your Own Puzzles 

Puzzles don’t have to be store bought! 

Cut out pieces of cardstock or construction paper into shapes like squares, triangles, circles or hexagons. Then draw a picture on one side and assemble it like a jigsaw puzzle on the other side. Kids can even create their own pictures and make puzzles out of them.

Decorate A Picture Frame With Hand-Made Clay Sculptures

Using air dry clay, help kids create small animals or other shapes that can be used to decorate a picture frame. Have the kids paint their creations and let them arrange the decorations on the frame however they like. 

Once finished, you have a beautiful handmade piece of art that is perfect for displaying in any room! A great way to get kids learning about different types of materials and developing their creativity! 

Paint Rocks 

Find some smooth stones from outside and let your little ones paint on them with acrylic paints or permanent markers. They can use stencils to create shapes or draw unique designs for each rock. If you have access to googly eyes, use those to add more personality to the rocks!

Make A Birdhouse 

This is an fun indoor crafting project for kids that is both educational and enjoyable. Not only does it teach children the basics of carpentry, but also encourages them to think creatively about their design. 

The tools needed are inexpensive and readily available. To make a birdhouse, start by gathering materials such as wood, nails, hammer, saws, sand paper, paint and brushes. Then cut the wood into pieces according to your desired bird house shape. 

Once you have all the pieces ready, use nails to assemble them together. When finished, sand down any rough edges and then paint using bright colors or pictures of birds if you desire. 

Hang up your completed birdhouse outside in a tree or bush where local birds can find it! Your child will take great pride in their accomplishment and may even be inspired to create other craft projects in the future.  Making a birdhouse is an excellent activity for children that encourages creativity, teaches construction skills and helps them appreciate nature.

Make Your Own Jewelry With Beads

With some colorful beads, wire and findings you can have loads of fun making custom jewelry with your kids. Show them how to create simple loops or more complex designs and let them go wild creating their own pieces. 

They’ll love picking out all the different colors and shapes of beads they want to use. And it’s great for getting children used to working with small tools as well! Once finished, they’ll have unique accessories that everyone will be sure to admire. 


From simple paper crafts to more intricate woodworking projects, there are plenty of options available that will keep your kids busy and entertained. 

Whether you choose a project from this list or create one yourself, be sure to involve your kids in the process and allow them to explore their own creativity through crafting. With a little bit of guidance and imagination, your child can create something special that they’ll enjoy for years to come.  

Have fun crafting!

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