8 Reasons Why Teachers Love to Laminate

If you know one teacher, then you know someone who loves to laminate. Teachers thrive on laminating classroom materials because students are rough on stuff and laminating job charts, hall passes, and calendars helps to preserve them. A lesser known reason why lamination is great is because it’s helpful in keeping germs at bay by creating a surface that can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes. Laminating, for some, is akin to yoga. The repetition of laminating is a great way to squeeze mindfulness into a busy and stressful day.

Key Takeaways:

  • If a teacher doesn’t laminate an item that will be handled often by students, that item won’t last long.
  • Items that are laminated can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes, therefore preventing the spread of germs.
  • The kids can’t write on or mark up an item that has been laminated.

“The love a teacher feels for laminating is something people outside the world of education may never fully comprehend.”

Read more: https://www.weareteachers.com/teachers-love-laminators/

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