Bringing Up Boys: Four Things to Teach Them




There is nothing easy about being a parent, there is a constant worrying about whether or not you are teaching you kids the right things at the right time through the right angle, and it never seems to cease. If you have a son, there are certain things that are important for him to learn as he grows up, just like girls, boys have milestones and important lessons to especially learn from their parents.
One of most important things to teach your son to do as he grows up his how to play sports, although it does not matter which sport it is, just ensure that he gains experience in one that requires team work and planning. In doing this, he will learn confidence and knowledge in what it takes to be a successful and proactive team player to get things done, disciplined, and learn how to build relationships and be responsible.
Another important thing to teach him is all about girls, teach him about respecting young women, and to treat them as he would treat his own mother or sister. Show him that it is OK to play with girls outside and that he does not have to stick to just boys, because in doing this girls and young women will be attracted to this respectful young man that knows how to treat a woman well.
When that little bit of stubble comes in, and believe me, you’ll notice, it’s then time to teach him how to shave, but at first, do not give him a real razor at first, try using a popsicle stick or something of the like so he can practice safely. Teaching him the proper order of hot towel, nice shaving cream or soap, and how to properly use a razor is imperative, and he’ll forever be grateful, so buy him his first shave kit at the first sign of those little hairs coming up.
Love and Relationships
Most importantly, teach your son that it is ok to love your friends and family, teach him that it is even ok and acceptable to tell them that he loves them. Preparing your son about feelings he’ll develop for others and relationships is important, so have a sit down chat about your own relationships, and answer any questions he might have.
In doing this, your son will grow up to be a loving man that shaves, knows how to treat a woman, and knows all about being a successful team player for life.
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