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We’re sure you’ve seen the commercials for Fathead Giant Wall Graphics. You know, the ones of giant football, basketball and baseball players almost coming off the wall into your family room or playroom. Did you know that Fathead also makes kids wall decor? We’ve added over 50 Fatheads that will make your child say Wow! From cute jungle and sealife animals to Star Wars and some of the most well known super heroes.

Fatheads stick on any smooth surface (wait 30 days if you’ve recently painted!). You can move them and reuse them many times. Fathead wall graphics are better than posters as you don’t need to put nails or tape on your wall and they’re bigger than most stickers and tougher than a decal. Some Fatheads are so big we suggest you have two people help apply them to your wall. A fathead wall graphic can transform an entire room in a fraction of the time for much less than the cost of painting or wallpapering.

We’ve read many reviews before we decided to add the Fathead line of kids wall graphics to our site. The response is overwhelmingly positive. Customers love the colors the size and the quality. Some of the comments were, “Thanks for bringing the magic to my child’s room” and “My daughters room feels like a magical garden! these were easily put up and they are a great value for all you get. Just great. I wish I had my daughters reaction on video.”

Do you want your next birthday or holiday party to be a huge hit! Imagine using a Fathead as the central attraction! Put them in the main party room for everyone to see, then move them to their permanent location in your child’s bedroom or playroom. Also great for schools as it lets teachers create lessons plans around creative thinking (how would the character solve a particular situation) and math (what is the overall square feet, how many inches etc…). So many ideas, so many Fatheads!

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