Kids Room Makeover: Peel & Stick Wall Decals Make it Easy Peasy!

Painting is hard work. You have to clean, sand, add primer, paint, maybe add another coat, and clean up. Yikes!!! The truth is we like to change our surroundings and painting is the number one choice when making changes. But…. what if you found an easy way to decorate that wasn’t permanent but changed the look of your child’s room? And your child actually was part of the change decision. 
We recently added Peel & Stick kids wall decor.  These inexpensive wall designs are easy to put on take off and change over and over again. All you need is a clean wall and some imagination and you can completely change the look and feel of your child’s room in minutes. Whether its for a baby, toddler, school age child or teen there are plenty of designs to choose from. Some of our favorites are the:

For kids who want their walls to be interactive, we’ve also added Chalkals. You can actually draw or write on these wall stickers and then wipe clean and start again.  Make reminder notes for the kids, put them in your kitchen for a shopping or phone call list. So many choices and such cool products. 

We’re not sure if we’re saving the best for last. But the XL murals are super cool but a lot more work… and they are not peel & stick. The XL murals come in two sizes. 6′ x 9′ and 9′ x 15′. 


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