How to Get Your Kids to Eat

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It’s rare that a parent says it’s so easy when asked how to get your kids to eat.  It’s never easy, and it is quite natural for children to be picky eaters, but the experience can be frustrating for parents.  The key to removing the stress from the scenario is ignoring the quantity and type of food your children are eating and concentrate more on just getting them to eat.

Are you making eating time fun enough for your picky eater?

One of the ways to deal with a picky eater is to create a social story with your child, talking about where and what you will eat. Secondly, make an effort to make eating fun by creating a game out of it. The goal is to get the food in the kid’s mouth, so if that takes an airplane or a mystery box, then get as creative as you need.

Another trick is to cook with your children and practice smelling the aromas of food. This helps create flavors in our mouth that leads to desires. By watching and learning about different types of food and limiting their visual and auditory distractions, parents can gain control over a picky eater and guide them to accepting more food options.

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