In an effort to get more young women interested in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education), a Spanish teacher with no experience in coding brought computer science to her school. She asked her school for the curriculum to be added and they said yes if she taught the class. This provided the opportunity to not only gain more experience herself but also to bring that knowledge to her school.

Through this experience the teacher concludes that one of the major factors that creates the impression that these careers are reserved for men is the fact that they are not very visible to young women. Ultimately the teacher is able to enter a partnership with a group called “Women Who Code” and started several after school groups in order to make this career field more visible to her students. This has led to fantastic results for her community. Her students have now had the opportunity to work on apps, games and develop a strong interest in technology driven projects.

The article not only outlines the way in which she developed and expanded the program but also includes several videos done by some of the girls in the program. It is well worth the read.

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Girls and Coding: Seeing What the Future Can Be