One Good Thing About Bad Weather Shut In Days…

If you have younger children, you know what a challenge it is to keep their minds and hands busy. If you don’t have something stimulating, they tend to get bored and start getting into mischief.

With winter in full effect for most of the country; your kids may be a little blue because the weather conditions don’t allow them to go outside and play, you can take the opportunity to work with them on learning skills through fun play activities.
Study after study has shown that children readily absorb, maintain and can recall lessons learned through pleasurable activities such as simple play more than any other teaching method. If your little one is ready to start dressing himself, work with him on simple skills to help him learn to use his fine motor skills.
You can have fun with your kids as they use the Basic Skills Board and learn how to zip zippers, lace up laces, tie strings into knots and bows, button up the buttons and snap the snaps. All of these are skills that are necessary for being able to dress themselves.
The fun bear has a ton of fun things to do (and undo) again and again and you can let your child challenge himself and set a kitchen timer and see what his best time is for doing the whole board. You can also do only buttons or or just laces – and set a time for each one.
Another fun activity this board can be used for is to learn colors. Ask your little one to “Button the green button” and what him find it and do it. Then let him tell you a task to do. And take turns.
There are so many ways to use this fun board and all of them will not only keep your kiddo having fun – but learning!
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