Give in to Your Baby’s Need to Spill!

Fill and Spill that is. It’s never too early to stimulate your baby with a toy that will encourage development on many levels – along with being a whole lot of fun.
Babies love repetition as a part of play. Many babies become unsure or even frustrated when a toy doesn’t perform the same sound or movement over and over. Most babies have an innate need to know what to expect and this in turn helps them gain confidence.
Pour objects out and watching them fall again and again through the grace of gravity is a never ending fascination for most babies. Give your little one a fun toy that will also work on building up his or her fine motor skills as well as grasping skills.
Melissa and Doug have put out so many wonderful toys for kids and the Fill and Spill is no exception to that rule. The Fill and Spill will keep your baby entertained for hours with four buggy friends that each make their own sound. One buggy rattles, while another jingles. Another squeaks and that last one crinkles. The toy is completely washable and easy to keep clean.
The bugs can be put into the container again and again and then poured out. Your baby will have so much fun experimenting with putting his or her hand inside the “bug jar” and then swirling the buggies around and then tipping the entire container and pouring them out. They can be stacked, counted and you an even play games and ask your baby to give you the bug that jingles or tell your baby to show you the color blue on a bug. There are so many levels of learning with just this one toy!
Delight and stimulate your baby with the fun of a Fill and Spill Toddler Toy and watch your child’s mind and skills grow.
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