Waiting Area Activity Cubes

The waiting room can be an intimidating place for kids. In a child’s mind, the waiting room is the threshold into the unknown where he might have to get a shot or something even worse! Of course, we know that those fears are mostly in their mind and that’s why it’s so important to keep the fun going during the waiting time. A good waiting room is crucial to making a child’s visit to your office a pleasant one. And an activity cube is something that will prove indispensable to your waiting area. With a game on each side, these cubes can keep even the toughest patients entertained while they wait. Here are a few reasons why the Activity cube is a good choice for your waiting room.
Colors that Bring Life to Waiting Areas
When it comes to choosing a play cube, take a little time to find the right one for your office. You may not need a huge cube to fill your waiting area and decide to go with a few mini play cubes. You may also want to explore the themes that are available with this toy. Anatex offers some exciting under the sea themes as well as a farm animal theme for their play cubes. So, if your waiting room hasn’t been keeping kids calm and occupied, now may be a great time to check out the play cube for yourself. It’s amazing what a difference one toy can make!
Safe for Kids
Of course, no matter how amazing a toy is, safety must come first. Medical offices and other businesses have to take extra precautions to ensure that each child is in safe hands. With an activity cube from companies like Anatex and Playscapes, you can be sure that no toxic materials will be used in the manufacturing of the toy. Another great feature of activity cubes is that they don’t have any loose pieces. This means that even young children can join in on the fun without any worrying parents.
Enhance Coordination and Cooperative Play
No doubt, each one of the games on the cube will be fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to be mindless! Each panel features a game or challenge that will help develop basic skills like counting, cooperative play, color recognition, eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, fine & gross motor dexterity, and sensorimotor skills. But while those are great skills to have, the children in your waiting area will be too busy having fun to realize what they’re learning. These play cubes are bright, colorful, and so appealing that children can’t help but take an interest.
Convenient and Affordable
And if space is an issue in your office, activity cubes are a great way to go. You don’t have to waste space with little knick-knacks to keep children occupied. With one busy cube, you can keep five or more kids playing at a time. This can really help avoid “traffic jams” or crowding in the play area. And some of these models can easily be transported from one room to the next. This makes rearranging your waiting room a breeze and saves you the stress of having to move a mountain of toys from one side of the room to another.
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