Waiting Room Toys: Lobby Happiness for Everyone!

Although the benefits of providing quality activity toys should be apparent to any business owner or operator, more often than not there is nothing to entertain children in the vast majority of doctor’s offices, clinics, and any other office space that requires clients to wait for seemingly endless amounts of time. That being said, we feel that the impact providing such a convenience may have on a business is worth mentioning. Here are the top reasons why waiting room toys are worth the investment. office toys in a bank

More repeat customers. Fact is, unless you are the greatest physician (dentist, chiropractor) in the world most of your patients or customers who have children will not return if they are left waiting with a screaming toddler for more than five minutes. This isn’t to say that waiting isn’t a necessary evil of life. The professional down the road also has a busy schedule, and his patients are waiting around just as long as yours are. But if he has a collection of games, activity play cubes, wall toys, bead toys and comfortable furniture that is tailored toward families with impatient children guess where your patient will be headed next time.

You may also get more referrals from your existing customers if their experience with you is pleasant and with as little hassle as possible. Words tends to get around when a business is particularly progressive meaning that they cater to the needs of working, over-stressed mothers and fathers and their equally cranky children.

Providing your clients with good, safe, and stimulating waiting room toys is just a smart business investment. That said, you can’t throw just any ole toys in your waiting room and expect the same results. There are few rules you should keep in mind when choosing appropriate waiting room toys.

Don’t buy used. You never know how quickly yard sale, flea market, or your cousin’s children’s toys will fall apart. Having a toddler almost choke on a broken part is not likely to bring in repeat business. Instead, buy quality toys that will last for a long time. This will keep you from buying them as often and will prevent injuries in your patients.

Choose toys that are age appropriate. This may mean have a wide variety of options, but lieu on the side of a younger set. These can include colorful bead toys like the Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Play Table – as well as fun wall toys like the Tic Tac Toe Wall Panel by Anatex Enterprises. For older kids, opt for things like videos, books, and magazines. That way you don’t have toys lying around that may injure a younger child. That said, it is a good idea to choose things that can grow with a child; like sand tables or puzzles.

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