Why I Fiercely Protect My Daughter’s Free Play Time

photography of a baby girl playing
Photo by Kha Ruxury on Pexels.com

Kids develop their imagination and creativity using free play. They slay dragons in the backyard and lead charges with their neighborhood friends. By the time your child is a teenager their sense of adventurous imagination has all but slid away so guard it as the preteen years come for your children whose imagination rules the day. Set aside time for free play that has not been organized by you or another adult or group. If you help establish your child’s imagination it will not leave them, it will become creativity as they grow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Julia, the daughter, is full of creative imagination and free play, yet she knows teenagers do not play.
  • This mother intentionally keeps the weekends open for space for creative free play.
  • The child will eventually grow out of fanciful play but her mother hopes to instill a creativity within her that will not be lost.

“I remember a Creative Writing Instructor (who was also children’s book author) once telling me that she can still remember the exact day when she was 11 years old and the giant climbing rock in her backyard refused to turn into a unicorn.”

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