I Know It’s A Pain In The Butt, But We Have To Let Our Kids Get Messy

Parenting can be hard, because kids will want to play with messy things like playdough but parents know that cleaning all the bits out of the carpet afterwards will be almost impossible. However, kids are happy when they are messy, and studies have actually shown that they might learn better when messy too. Instead of carefully curating what your kids play and craft with, it’s better to let them squish the paint through their fingers or dig up worms in the backyard, and then turn cleaning into a lesson as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Allowing a child to mess around with arts and crafts is something that will make them happy and parents will have to sacrifice the clean up.
  • Kids love using things such as glitter and finger paint, and as parents you should supervise your children to prevent them from staining items.
  • Letting your children play with paints and glitter also allows you to strengthen your relationship with them and bond with them.

“We need to give the kids glue and glitter and paper and tidbits and ignore them, except to admire their creations.”

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