Does Using Bad Words Hurt Children?

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Most parents attempt to guard their children from being exposed to cursing, and children are often disciplined or admonished if they are caught using swear words. The federal government looks to shelter kids from being exposed to cursing through censoring language in TV shows, especially when kids could be watching.

The psychological analysis of swearing is fairly new.  Researchers have observed that swearing tends to surge when it involves deep emotions. Hit your thumb with a hammer, make a big mistake, or get startled or angry, and even the most well-mannered and respectful person will probably curse. Researchers propose that cursing might have a therapeutic influence by making you feel better following an injury or emotional incident.

Should children be protected from swearing or allowed to express themselves? How damaging is it to kids?

Remarkably, there has been insufficient investigation into this. In all probability it isn’t swearing itself that is detrimental.  Instead it’s the factors connected with swearing. For instance, when you hear a kid swear, you suppose that the child has an absence of discipline.  Also you may think a swearing child could indicate that they are a negative influence on other kids. The truth is, swearing might signal a shortage of discipline, or it may simply be connected to a more candid home environment.

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