The daily task of homework does not have to be done entirely at home.  Allotting more time for a student to complete homework by incorporating the idea that homework does not necessarily begin at home is a new style of classroom management.  It gives the student the opportunity to initiate homework in the classroom during school hours.  Since this will benefit students by the teacher being present to guide them in the initial stages of the work, that will in turn cause less stress when they get home to work on it because it has already been started.


Giving Students classtime to start HW increases understnading
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The stress of having to begin the homework at home is taken away, therefore reducing the students’ anxiety that is often associated with homework and time constraints. This classroom management style allows the students to continue the work they started in the classroom at home with added confidence because the work is already in progress. In addition, it allows the student to work in collaboration while in the classroom setting, and then become independent once at home.

Classroom Management: Give Students Class Time to Work