7 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

photo credit: www.allkidsnetwork.com

Here are some fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids to keep them entertained during your busy turkey-making day. They will be entertained and stay busy while you are looking after your guests or preparing your home for the big meal.

Crafts can help kids explore their own style and get in touch with their creativity, but most importantly, it’s just really fun to do crafts. There are many arts and crafts to do for Thanksgiving, particularly when you have free time (and don’t kids have a lot of that?).  And it seems as if everyone skips Thanksgiving and goes straight to Christmas when it comes to decorating.  Don’t pass up the chance to decorate for Thanksgiving.


Pumpkin Turkey

photo credit: www.allkidsnetwork.com
photo credit: www.allkidsnetwork.com

Put the kids to work by making them in charge of the centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table! Kids will feel more included in the Thanksgiving day preparation.  This craft is a fun and easy activity for kids of any age.  All you need is: a pumpkin, construction paper, and googly eyes.

Apple Core Craft

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What’s your favorite season?  If it’s Fall, then you must love pumpkin pie, corn mazes, and apple picking.  There are so many reasons to love Autumn. This Apple Core Craft is an easy paint-and-glue craft and a wonderful activity for kids to celebrate the fall season.  It’s also a chance to look at the inside of an apple and learn about the leaves, skin, stem, seeds, and core of an apple.

Handprint Turkey

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This adorable handprint turkey is a much-loved Thanksgiving craft.  The turkey is easily constructed using your child’s footprint as the body of the turkey and their handprints as the turkey’s feathers.  This is a great and simple craft for children of any age.  Young kids in particular have fun when they realize that their hands are a part of the turkey.  And when everyone is packing up to leave, these cute turkeys make a great gift for the grandparents.

Fall Leaf Catchers

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These bold and bright fall leaf suncatchers are a perfect way to use the sunlight to welcome the Fall.  All you need is tissue paper, markers, and self-laminating pouches.  Your kids will love decorating the windows with their beautiful fall flora.

The Mayflower Paper Boat Craft

photo credit: www.allkidsnetwork.com

This simple and fun Thanksgiving craft for kids is a fantastic way to educate them about Pilgrims and their voyage to the new world.  You can find many of the materials in your home.  This makes a terrific Thanksgiving decoration.

Painted Handprint Turkey

photo credit: www.allkidsnetwork.com

This handprint turkey craft is a classic.  These are so fun and you can compare them to last years’ to see how much your kids’ hands have grown.  They make great gifts or decorations and they are easy enough for kids of any age.

Pilgrim Plate Craft

photo credit: www.allkidsnetwork.com

This paper plate craft is a wonderful Thanksgiving craft for kids and it’s also an entertaining way to teach about history.  It’s made from paper plates, construction paper, and easy-to-use templates.

Not only are these great activities for kids that will keep them occupied, but  these beautiful projects will have your home looking cute and crafty this Thanksgiving.

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