Cost-effective Responsive Patient Care

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A Freestanding Emergency Department (FSED) is a department that is growing in popularity due to the fact that hospitals and healthcare systems are looking for ways to provide cost-effective responsive patient care in a physical environment.

An FSED works similarly to primary care doctors’ offices and after hours Urgent Care Facilities.

Are FSEDs Cost-effective Responsive Patient Care?

The FSED is a significant and innovative tool for healthcare organizations who are looking for ways to enhance their market share while offering care in places that are more easily accessible and that can provide faster service to patients.  Hospitals and medical professionals are always looking for ways to be more consumer-oriented and cost effective. In order to create a successful FSED project, designers need to understand what is required to create this type of facility and research the building codes and condition required. Additionally, the management team for the project needs to consider the needs of the community when choosing a location.

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